House Rules

House Rule # 1: You must use Tolkien languages for your names. Research and find what you need! For Elves, you need only the Sindarin language for names, unless you have some particular backstory idea (run by me plz) that involves Quenya names. For common Men, use the Anglo names, or use Rohirric sounding names (a lot of them have Eo- at the beginning..most of the time). For Dwarven names, use only Khuzdul names. For Numenoreans, you mostly need to use Sindarin, but if you have a special idea or backstory (run by me plz) that uses Adunaic, go for it! Here are some useful links:

Common Men:
For Anglo sounding names common among the Northmen (future Rohirrim), here is a useful link.

For common Elvish names (Numenoreans, Sindar, Noldor, Nandor), here is a name generator.
If you are feeling troubled, here are some pre-made names for you.
For if you’re truly feeling lazy!

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, a name generator! Be sure and tick the check marks for male or female.
A wordlist for more adventurous folks!

Some pre-made names for your convenience!
(also pick a Sindarin name for Numenorean characters – required)

Have fun!

House Rule # 2: Make sure all happenings in your backstory are lore friendly! We are in the second age of middle earth. Here are some useful links to study up!


Brief Wiki:

Above all, however, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading The Silmarillion, The Book of Lost Tales 1 & 2, and the appendices at the end of The Return of the King. Reading these will greatly expand your knowledge of the general lore of the Middle Earth we are gaming in. They’re not required, but OOOOH MY GOSH, they are highly recommended!

Thanks a ton! Looking forward to it all!